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Each of the 252 rooms has a marble mosaic bathroom and are designed with luxury vintage interiors that are inspired by the 1920's and 1930's.

The 9 different restaurants, cafes and bars sit in the former banking hall and guests have use of the underground spa and 620 square meter gym, boxing ring and an indoor pool which is in the former bank vault!

Across June and July of that year, the South East and Central South of England experienced over 222mm of rainfall, making it the wettest period for the region since 1914.

The average probability that London will experience some type of precipitation on any given day is 47% – a figure which hardly varies at all throughout the month.

Sea Temperature At 14°C, the average sea temperature for London's closest coastal location is much warmer than any of the previous months.

Record Rainfall in June In June 2007, London experienced record rainfall, with some parts of the capital receiving up to twice as much rainfall as expected.

This month is characterised by rising temperatures, with daily highs starting off at around 19°C on June 1 June is a popular time to visit London, UK, and the weather is steadily getting warmer throughout the month.

This month is characterised by rising temperatures, with daily highs starting off at around 19°C on June 1, only dropping under 10°C or going over 17°C one day out of every ten.

If you don't want to chance any rainfall spoiling your holiday, you're best off booking your trip for the second week in June.

Cloud Coverage The cloud coverage for London decreases as the month progresses. Despite the cloudy spells, London is rarely affected by foggy days in June.

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Here guests can also enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast buffet each morning and for dinner try the hotel's Momo Japanese Restaurant.

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