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Many of the stories that readers share about their relationship experiences, in a nutshell boil down to things not being mutual.Lack of mutual interest, lack of mutual words and actions, lack of mutual values, lack of mutual love, care, trust, and respect and lack of mutual feelings and relationship.If you’re saying ‘love’ and they’re saying ‘friendship’, it’s time to step. Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way.If you’re saying ‘let’s be together’ and they’re saying ‘Er…I’m still married/attached/my cats stuck up a tree/I’m not ready for a relationship/I don’t have clean drawers/or whatever’, it’s time to step. Whether it’s figuring out what’s going on in a troubling relationship, understanding you and self-care, or being more assertive, I’m here to help you guide you.And maybe that’s what’s so incredibly difficult to get your head around in these situations; how can you be feeling these feelings ‘alone’?It can boggle the mind to fathom how you can feel something so deep, so all encompassing, so consuming…that the other person doesn’t feel. Surely we can’t feel so intensely for someone without having some contribution from them?Apparently, she wasn't happy that Lindsay had brought her to the party. Like, I know it's really hard for you right now being a pregnant teen but like you have to make sure you're taking care of the life inside of you, you know? Joey, get that keg away from her, it's really challenging her right now and she doesn't need that kind of pressure." So this is what it's like to 'see red' metaphorically speaking. " Two faces redirected their glares at the poor bystander, who was very torn. They headed deeper into the house looking for stairs. Aria shook her head, and Lindsay didn't look at all. Aria sighed and walked across the room to the cupboard herself. Lauren won, then." "No, she didn't." "Well, from where I'm sitting it kinda looks like you lost." It was true. " Aria ripped some toilet paper off the roll next to them and handed it to Lindsay. Lindsay had even been in fights before, like when that total tramp Stacy was all over her ex-boyfriend.Well, that worked fine for Aria - looks like she could get away without doing any party prep. He could be an asshole or thea pope, a romantic or a goofball, not that Aria had paid attention to know for sure which - other than that she liked him a little so far. It was kind of like looking at an inhuman bastard like Lauren and imagining her on fire. You would think Joey was the one with time powers by the sheer amount of thoughts that rushed through his head at this moment to be sorted through. Aria noticed Hannah drinking wine from a very expensive looking bottle and dancing on a table in the living room, surrounded by other dancers quick on their way to drunksville. Was Hannah either so dumb she didn't hear the request implied by her question, or was she really that big of a bitch? Their clothes were disheveled and soaked, their hair and makeup a complete mess. But you know, back then Lauren totally had her back after Lindsay had gotten high with Stacy, hit her and busted her whore lip and then later Lauren spread the word that Stacy had mouth herpes so Lindsay got away with it.

You’d rather continue to have these expectations and continue to attempt to make good on them, than walk away.

Is it bad that I re-read basically all the comments like once a week? Everyone was paying attention, most of them not even having the courtesy to pretend that they weren't. Aria was surprised that anyone could make a pout look aggressive. Slowly but surely, the audience dissipated and went back to partying. Lindsay would never have betrayed her friend like that before.

Cuz if this is a problem, I'm developing a bad habit. Aria threw her shoulders back and said again, firmly "I am NOT having a baby, Lauren. It was dark, there was music, there was booze, there was a lot more debauchery waiting to be done and the buzzed guests were anxious to get to it. BIGLY YUGE." Aria didn't know it at that moment, but would later find out in a text from Lindsay that Hannah's family were huge conservative Trump supporters and that Hannah had more than once commented that she would let a man that rich "grab her by the pussy ANYTIME." Aria would find this very distasteful, but realizing her own track record dismissed it with a "To each their own." The trio made their way up the stairs and managed to find a bathroom unoccupied by Aria's nemesis, kicking out the horny couple making out in the bathtub before locking the door behind them. Like, Lauren was a total bitch but they had been hot bitches together and that was like a sacred bond or something.

Aria sat in the backyard while the other girls poured drinks or vacuumed or something. He could be the zodiac killer for all she knew - well maybe not. Aria had used him, and others, to worm her way into the high school popular scene with no regards to him or Lindsay or anyone. Aria stepped back and resumed time again, about to reassure him that it was definitely a good surprise to meet him and that she wanted to get to know him better, when Lauren burst out onto the patio. Loudly, so that the partygoers could hear over the music (which was not yet deafening, since the party was only getting started), began a faux caring rant directed at her newfound nemesis. Aria's eloquent and witty retort was made by delicately shouting "I'm NOT pregnant! He normally would get out of the way and enjoy the cat-fight unfurling in front of him from a distance, but he had this weird urge to stand up for Aria. Aria grabbed a full sized towel and knelt in front of Lindsay again. For some reason, Lindsay was having a hard time articulating all that.

What even goes into party prep, besides getting a shit-load of beer? Maybe that was why Lauren was so upset to have Aria show up out of the blue uninvited. He was built - like a football player would be - and Aria smiled into his shoulder. " at Lauren, which (and you may pick up on some sarcasm here) really made her sound like she was telling the truth. He wanted to protect her, hold her close to him and make sure nothing and no one could hurt her. ..him holding her tightly, her head buried in his chest and his nose buried in her hair, trying to let her feel how much he...cared? So instead of saying it with words, she said it with tears. She had never really been a social creature, and was way out of her depth here.

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One of the things I learned about myself that helped to impose an important boundary is that while loving myself is something that I myself can do, I can’t do all or the majority of the loving for a relationship.

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