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We don't stand a bloody chance." Other landlords who have successfully applied for diversions include Prince Charles, Lord Puttnam and the Crown at the Prime Minister's country retreat, Chequers."I'd like to get him as much as anyone," said Cllr Skinner.In 1992 he was linked with a fatal fire at a property in Hove, but told the London Evening Standard: "People will always think it was me.

Not when the villain of the piece is Britain's most intimidating landlord. The landowner has built a huge shed over it, with barbed wire and "no entry" signs. Yesterday, the deputy leader of the local council admitted his officers were "frightened to death" of Nicholas van Hoogstraten, the multi-millionaire who is building an extravagant palace within yards of the footpath.

But that time limit was suspended when Rarebargain proposed the diversion.

If the 4,000 letters are counted as objections, it will be referred to the Secretary of State for a public inquiry.

"It's unacceptable that bullies like Mr van Hoogstraten can get away with blocking a path for over a decade," said Kate Ashbrook.

"The council has a legal duty to keep the path open for the public, but instead is conniving with the van Hoogstraten estate to help the landowner keep the path blocked.

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Of the 4,000 letters received, only 166 have been from residents of East Sussex.

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