Polyamory married dating

She says she is being open and letting me know so it is not cheating. She even says life is too short and she needs to live it to the fullest and not have any regrets.

She swears its just a small time fling that she;ll need to do from time to time but I'll always be the only one she holds dear in her heart.

She says she is open to whatever the future may hold.

"The thing with poly is there are no straight answers for anything.

Famous polyamorists include billionaire Warren Buffett, writer Neil Gaiman and singer Amanda Palmer, and the late William Moulton Marston, who created Wonder Woman as an amalgam of his two loves.

"When I started reading about polyamory I wondered if it might be the solution, so I brought it up with my husband.

He spends five nights a week at home with Kim and the kids and two nights with his girlfriend.

After kissing a string of damp cold frogs, Kim has just started seeing a poly man who is also married.

It wasn't something we jumped into, we talked about it for six months."Nervously, they attended their first poly meet-up and were "blown away" when they were faced with a room full of perfectly ordinary people.

Thus far the dating has been fairly ordinary too, for Kim at least."I have gone on so many dates and had so many duds, it's just ridiculous," she says. But that's the good thing about poly, I can come home and we can laugh about it together."Her husband has met "two fabulous ladies" and one has become his girlfriend.

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Jumping form job to job and loving nature and all that.

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