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Not doing so can have the opposite affect and cause you to become constipated.Pitted dates can be purchased in package form: whole, chopped, or extruded.On the other hand, if you are looking to reduce your carbohydrate intake and manage your blood sugars, eating dates may cause your blood sugars to rise.

Basics of Labeling Generic Label Approval Irradiation Natural or Regenerated Collagen Sausage Casing Net Weight Labeling of Meat and Poultry Products Nutrition Labeling Information Product Dating Standards of Identity The Food Standards and Labeling Policy Book, Policy Memorandums, A Guide to Federal Food Labeling Requirements for Meat and Poultry Products, directives and other resource material regarding labeling of meat, poultry, and egg products can be found here.The GET FIT PLAN will help promote a Healthier Body and a Healthier Lifestyle.Date marking can be a confusing regulation to understand and implement in your food service operation.There are over 100 different varieties of date palm trees, which grow best in desert regions.Dates hang in large clusters on the trees and range in texture, from hard, dry varieties, through semi-dry types such as deglet noor, to large soft dates such as medjool dates.

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