How to handle an intimidating woman

Many men force themselves into a much more painful situation than is necessary by adamantly refusing to spend any time reflecting on what happened between them and their wife.

By stoically refusing to acknowledge what’s happened or to think about and learn from it, you are dooming yourself too much longer and more intense unhappiness.

Sometimes women are just selfish or impatient and decide they don’t want to be in the marriage anymore for no fault of your own. Now that you’ve spent some time figuring out when and why your wife decided to leave the marriage, this is the important next step.

This is a very powerful question, and one that is probably going to make you stop and think for a second…

If your wife recently walked out on you in the kids, then chances are things have been pretty chaotic for you recently.

Do you feel like if you’d done something differently, perhaps she would have stayed?

No one has ever felt better about a divorce by spending their time stuck in the past.

It’s easy to get lost in memories of your wife, especially since we just spent so much time reflecting on your past marriage…Do not let this happen!

The point of this exercise is not to blame yourself or to blame your wife, rather it’s to honestly assess the recent events in your marriage, and help you both come to terms with them and move on from them. What parts of your marriage do you think led your wife to take such a drastic measure to pursue her own happiness.

Obviously, there was a point in time that your wife made up her mind to leave her husband and kids, so the question is: When do you think it was? What made her so determined to leave you stranded with kids?

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Operate your life under the assumption that your marriage is permanently over…

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