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Most of us will have more than one job in our lifetimes.

That generally means having more than one super account.

No matter what type of work you'll be doing, you can take your super account with you.

By sticking with Cbus you’ll enjoy the same history of strong, long-term performance, low fees and member benefits.

It will mean more money for your retirement and peace of mind today.

It’s important you ask your employer which fund they’re paying your super into, how much they’re paying and how often.

And be sure to check your employer has your correct superannuation details.

There are some important things to consider before you combine your super: Through your working life, you may have been paid superannuation into many different funds. We offer a members service to search for lost super.

If your details have changed, your old super fund may have lost touch with you and transferred your super to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). All we need is your tax file number (TFN) and your permission to search for other super accounts with the ATO.

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