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Maybe before we can find the love we seek from others, we need to practice loving ourselves first, by no longer allowing our perceived flaws and differences to make us feel undesirable, plummeting us into that world of "other than," and instead see them as examples of our wonderful and treasured uniqueness.

Earlier on Huff/Post50: Some 70 percent of men and 59 percent of women age 55 are willing to date people of other faiths, according to the survey by the online dating site Our

And for whatever reason dating in my 50s seems to have amplified these negative feelings.

After getting off the phone with my friend I decided I needed some fresh air to lift me out of my sour mood, so I headed out into the wintery streets of Chicago for some mood-altering shopping (hey, maybe if I was lucky, I could even find a pair of cute boots to wear on my next first date).

As I was slipping and sliding down Michigan Avenue in my snow-caked-no-tread-UGG-sweater-boots I pointed my head at a slight downward angle to minimize the snow accumulation on my face, which provided me with a view of every single woman's calves walking within an impressively broad circumferential range.

A lovely girl who has some junk in the trunk and a little something extra to grab on to.

BBWs are fat girls who love their bodies, and love it when men admire them for their luscious curves.

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