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Crossan Hoover and Andrew Campbell, both 17, worked for Richards, and the trio was planning to rob and murder Richard Baldwin, 36, the owner of an area auto restoration shop.Baldwin had a substantial car collection and was said to keep a large amount of cash in his home, and the proceeds from the robbery were reportedly going to be used to buy machine guns and parts for a laser gun.

Or as Jo Ann puts it, he said, “Screw this, I’m going to reveal some stuff.” In 1997, he began writing an extensive family history.Originally intended for his kids, the manuscript covers the travels, accomplishments, and careers of the men in his family, but it also serves as a way to explain the series of events that led to him being set up.(Richards was unavailable to comment for this story, but available sources include his writings, court documents, contemporary newspaper accounts, video interviews with Richards and numerous interviews with Jo Ann.) According to Richards’s writings, his father, Ellis Richards, Jr., was a decorated secret soldier, and Mark was involved with secret military operations from an early age.According to prosecutors, Richards was going to use the laser to blow up the bridges leading in and out of the county, and once the coup was complete, he was going to rename the territory “Pendragon” and rule over it as King.The teens agreed to participate after Richards allegedly plied them with promises of cash, dune buggies, and knighthood.

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Even though he wasn’t there in person, Mark’s spiritual squeeze as she sat in that back room was further assurance she was on the path she was meant to be on.

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